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2nd-Nov-2008 12:45 am - Hi!
Hi all.... long time, no see... I know! Sorry :( I've actually been back on LJ for a month or so, though not posting here (obviously). I've been lurking in the shadows and visiting several of my old favourite communities (mostly Dr. Who fandom) and I've just decided to create a new communty that I figured I might as well invite y'all to if you're interested.

It's called </a></font></b></a>jr_dutycalls and it's for all fans of the relationship between Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell) & his FBI handler, Rachel Young (Marley Shelton) on the show 'Eleventh Hour', which I've become absolutely obsessed with. If you're interested, click on the banner below to check it out.

16th-Jul-2007 07:36 am - Stargates and Browncoats...
Alan Tudyk
Well... so much for sticking to my resolution of posting to my journal more often... I really suck at that, lol! In all fairness, I have been veeeerryy busy! I've had 2 bridal showers and 2 weddings to attend in the last month, plus ellie79 and I have been working pretty hard on 2 different websites, which has taken up almost all of our free time. One being the Browncoat Wiki (which still needs more people to help, btw, hint hint) and the other one is the website for the Columbia Browncoats, which just started up last week and is now the closest Browncoat group to where we live -- I can deal with 1 1/2 hour drive =)

So what else has been keeping me busy? Well... watching 2 seasons of Stargate Atlantis might have tied me up just a bit (with one more season to go)! ellie79 and I decided to start watching the series last week after we heard that Jewel Staite would be a recurring character next year, and we have not been disappointed. This is one of those great shows where there's tons of action, I love all of the main characters, the storylines are good, and I just can't seem to watch them fast enough. Also, in contrast to some of the other sci-fi shows I watch (such as BSG), there's a fair amount of humor thrown in to the mix, so it's just plain fun to watch!! If you haven't been watching, I highly suggest you give it a try!
(Also, something that might be of interest to you naughtyelf, we were watching an episode from Season 2 last night and it had Marco!!)

Okay, well, that's pretty much all I had to say and I'll stop pimping my new obsession for the time being  =)  One last thing, for anyone who doesn't know, it is onmycrew's birthday today, so stop by and leave a friendly comment in her journal!!
8th-Jun-2007 03:09 pm - Update on The Browncoat Wiki Project
Just in case you haven't already clicked on the link in my last post... it's official. The request that ellie79 and I made @ Wikia.com has been approved, and we've started the Browncoat Wiki. The wiki already has attracted several contributors, a nice new layout, and we've added over 45 articles so far, but we've got a lot more to do!

So, now we're asking for volunteers. If you have experience with Wikis, great!! If not, don't worry, it's very easy to learn and we'll be glad to help anyone who's interested in editing. One request we do have to make though, if you plan to edit anything, please create a username and log in. First of all, it helps keep things more organized and keeps everyone accountable. However, it also means that you'll be able to view the wiki with the template we've all been working on. Anyone who doesn't have a log-in will be seeing the default site-wide template.

Also, if you want to support the project, we've made a few graphics that we'd love for you to post on your journals, websites, forums, ...wherever. Thanks so much!!

Link to the Browncoat Wiki: http://browncoats.wikia.com/wiki/Browncoat_Wiki

6th-Jun-2007 06:29 pm - Calling all Browncoats!! - Part II
So, ellie79 and I finally decided to go ahead and submit a request to Wikia.com to start a Wiki specifically about Browncoats. We're hoping it will become an ever-evolving archive of Browncoat culture, including activities, regional Browncoat organizations, charity events, conventions, meetups, screenings, projects, etc. and it would be something that all Browncoats can contribute to, rather than a static, one-person operated website.

You can view the full request and the rest of the details here:

Here's the thing... If any of you are at all interested in this, we're going to need some help. Wikia allows commenting on prospective wikis from the general public and fan support would definitely help in getting it off the ground.  The commenting section is can be found at the bottom of the request page. Also, we're going to need people to help us get this started if/when we are approved. Let us know if you want to help, and also if you have any thoughts, and/or suggestions.

Thanks so much for reading this - stay shiny!!
The fandom bug has bitten me, hard! I've got this crazy idea that I'm not sure I can pull off, and if I do decide to go ahead with it, I'm going to need a lot of help. 

First things first. Is there an existing collection (ie. Wiki, website, etc.) that lists all things and everything having to do with the comings and goings of Browncoats (activities, meetups, cons, charity events, local Browncoat groups, etc.)?  If so, none of the rest of this post matters.  If not, I really, really, really am thinking about creating a Wiki specifically by Browncoats, for Browncoats, and about Browncoats. (Not a Firefly wiki, I am fully aware that exists already!)

Why a Wiki, you ask? Mainly because gathering all of this information will be a huge undertaking and will need something more flexible than just a standard website. Also, I want it to be something that all Browncoats can contribute to.

Please fill out this itty-bitty poll and leave me any thoughts, comments, and/or suggestion below. Thanks!!!

(BTW: LJ's poll function is being a total bitca -- so leave all your answers in the comments)

Do you think this is a good idea/useful, etc?

Maybe (see Comments)

Would you be willing to help get it started?

Maybe (see Comments)

2nd-Jun-2007 02:13 pm - My VisualDNA
gwen, jack, torchwood, children of earth
Just because I never did this... and now ellie79 has and I don't want to be left out :)

2nd-Jun-2007 01:40 pm - Random whining...
I really really really want this bedding from Walmart!! It goes with my whole nautical/coastal theme that I've recently decided that I want in my room. The truly sad thing is that it only costs $45 and I can't find a way to justify spending it, since I've been on a bit of a spending spree lately. I guess, for now, I'll just have to let it sit here and tempt me :(

2nd-Jun-2007 12:44 pm - Interesting LJ conspiracy theory...
I don't really know how I feel about all the recent LJ kerfluffle, other than the fact that it's definitely made me uncomfortable. There is a very interesting, and somewhat disturbing theory circulating right now that I've seen several people discussing and I wanted to share the link in case all of you have not had a chance to read it yet.


It revolves around the idea that LJ/SixApart are thinking about an IPO (Initial Public Offering of stocks). Take a look - it makes scary sense.
29th-May-2007 11:32 pm - Random cafepress pimping...
gwen, jack, torchwood, children of earth
This is me tempting you with shiny Browncoat merchandise... =)
(...and I shall say no more... I promise!)

26th-May-2007 03:06 pm - Sci-Fi Forum update!
gwen, jack, torchwood, children of earth
You remember that sci-fi discussion forum that I was mentioning earlier this week... well ellie79 and I have finally finished it and have decided to give it a try and see how it goes! So take a look around, and be sure to tell your friends... (if you're interested, that is). It's pretty empty right now, but once people start posting, that won't last very long :)

In case you were wondering, the main reason for creating it is that we feel that a forum makes it easier to track older conversations, where on an LJ comm, once a topic has hit the next page, it usually tends to fall off people's radar only to show up in a new post later on (sometimes even only a couple days later). Also for any of you who remember Shippers United or White Flag, we all had a lot of fun on those forums, and really miss that type of atmosphere.  Lastly, we realize that Firefly forums exist in spades, but we've had a hard time finding good BSG forums and we really wanted a place that featured our 3 favorite fandoms.

So, in short, if you like sci-fi (especially the shows above) and you like forums - we'd love for you to join us!
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